The Persitence of The Underground DJ SlimLion

Welcome to Our Very First Episode with Dj SlimLion Setting a relaxed mood with his Electronic Dance Music Mixes. 

On this episode, Tony Macridis aka Dj SlimLion takes us through his hustle of becoming a respected professional Dj in a society where being a Dj is not considered a Job. 

To Listen to Dj SlimLion Mixes, visit his Mixcloud account


2 comments on “The Persitence of The Underground DJ SlimLion

  1. Henry-Pacifique Mbenza says:

    It is always an amazing experience about how hearing to a lived story kind of re-invigorate our own persistance in the pursuit of attaining self-set or desired objective !
    I hereby commend the journey of both my personal friends Ralph and “Slim Shaddy” , this reminds me of one of my favourite quote and which i will be dedicating today to my Brother Macridis; “In this life it’s not the final destination that counts. It’s the time it takes to get there, the road we took to get there, the people we met on the way, the mistakes we made and the unique path we blazed.” … as you keep enjoying the underground pathways, remember we are al driving in our tunnels towards their ends, and there shall be LIGHT !!!

    1. samori25 says:

      Thank you, brother Henry, for your encouraging comment. This is much appreciated.

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