Ralph Samba is an African public speaker with a huge passion for Stories. His passion for stories dates from his young days, He has always been marvelled by the limitless ability of Books or tales to transport you in different times, places and era.

I truely believe that every single period has a story to tell, a story that will be beneficial to someone else who is living a similar situation somewhere in the world.

Born in Southern DRC in the town of Lubumbashi, He has lived in most east african countries and is currently resident in Uganda, a country that he has grown attached to and highly identifies with its Vibrant and friendly Culture. His love for african diversity and adventure pushes him into the discovery of this endowed continent Through this serie of Podcasts in major african city.

We owe it to the world to share our stories, you never know what impact it will have on someone who is going through the same experience as yours.